Kurulus osman Season 5 Episode 136 With English Subtitles

Kurulus osman Season 5 Episode 136 With English Subtitles

Osman Bey’s attack on the Mongols! osman Bey and his Alps were saved from the hands of the Mongols. But Osman Bey will not return to Yeni Shahir. He will attack the Mongols. What is Usman Beg’s plan to defeat the Mongols?

What will happen in SÖĞÜT? The news of the great attack on Sogut reaches Och Pazar like lightning. How will the Soghut attack be stopped?

What is your Malhoun plan for Jacob B? As soon as Yaqup Bey received the news of the attack, he moved to Yeni Shahir. Malhoun Hatton is aware that Yakup Bey will benefit from Osman Bey’s absence.

What does Malhoun Hatun plan to do against Yakup B?

What will happen between Orhan Bey and Holofira? Orhan Bey, who sees Holofira in the market, is not happy with this situation. Malhoun Hutton tells him that Byzantium cannot be trusted. Will there be a rift between Holofira and Orhan because of this?

Kurulus osman Season 5 Episode 136 With English Subtitles

What is the goal of your happiness? Saadat Hatun says to Holofira, I wish you were my bride. How will Holofira respond to Saadat’s words?

Will Gunka Hatton do what her mother says? Saadat continues to treat your Gunka. Gunja Hatton will be the knot that connects Aladdin to Yakup Bey. Will Gunka Hatton do what her mother says?

Orhan B and Yakup B face to face! Orhan Bey does not like Yaqup Bey’s attempt to dominate Yeni Shahir. Where will the tension between Yakup Bey and Orhan Bey lead?

Mohammad Bey is in charge of the army! Jacob Beg will conquer. Kay and Germian will play together. The army is ready for this. But he puts his son Mehmet Bey at the head of the army. How will Orhan Bey deal with this situation?

What will Osman Bey and Alpesh experience in the cave? There are people who approach the cave where Usman Bey took refuge.

What danger awaits Osman Bey in the cave?

What danger awaits Orhan and Mehmet? The tension between Mehmet Bey and Orhan, who went to Fatah, continues. Mehmet Bey orders the standard-bearers to kill Orhan. But something unexpected happens.

What great danger awaits Orhan and Mehmet?

Osman Bey’s decision! Osman Bey does not back down against those who try to rule his country. “Either freedom or the black land!” He reveals his determination by saying. What will Osman Bey’s move be?

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