Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 With English Subtitles

What is Osman Bey’s plan against the Mongols? Ambassador Olkaitou Khan came to Uchlar. He asks Yakup Bey for the tax paid by Konya. osman Bey will pay this gold himself for the alliance. But there is something that bothers Usman Bey.

He asks Yakup Bey to gather soldiers and form an army. What does Usman Bey have in mind against the Mongols?

How will Osman Beg pay taxes after the stolen treasure?

Osman Bey becomes more aggressive after the attack on Yeni Shahir Palace. He never bends or stands. Those who do this will pay the price and the conquest will not stop.

But Usman Bey also realizes that the treasure has been stolen. What will Usman Beg do to pay the taxes expected by the Mongols?

Things are getting confusing between the kids! Yaqup Bey hears the news of Yeni Shahir’s attack and comes to visit him to get well soon.

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 135 With English Subtitles

Your malice continues to show its teeth to your happiness. When you get involved in the conversation, the topic goes somewhere else. Where will the tension between women end?

The new goal of your happiness: HOLOFIRA! Saadat Hatton has set his sights on Holofira. He plans to give a blow to Orhan by marrying Holofira with Mehmet. On what pretext does he bring Mehmet and Holofira together?

What will be the reaction of Melhoon Hutton and Orhan Bey when they see Holofira in the upper market?

Can your happiness achieve its goal? Saadat Hatun sends Gonka to Sugot to visit from above. What is the goal of your happiness?

What will Bala Hatun do for his son? Bala Hatton learns from Fatima Hatton about Aladdin and Gunja. According to Fatima, Alauddin Beg is in love with Gunja Hatton. Bala Hutton thinks this might be a trap.

What will Bala Hatun do for his son? What will be his attitude towards Gonka?

CERKUTAY with Buran Bay! Cherkotay received the news of Buran’s injury. Buran’s situation is dire. Sarkotai goes to see him. Is the ice melting between Serkotay and Usman Bey and the Alps?

Is it the end of the road for Bayandir Beg? Orhan Bey is looking for treasure. Can Bayandir Bey’s innocence be proven?

A fire in SÖĞÜT! Master oriented is restless. He will cover the memorial with blood. Masterminds started the fire. Can Aladdin Beg and Bala Hatton put out this fire?

Is Osman Bey settled from Mughal prison? osman Bey, who goes to pay taxes to the Mongols, encounters something he did not expect. The Mughal general takes the gold, but does not intend to send Usman Bey.

Can Usman Bey escape from the hands of the Mongols?

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