Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 141 With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 141 With English Subtitles

Will Osman Bey punish Sanjaxizlar?

Usman Bey scares Yaqup Bey by saying that he knows his game. While Osman Bey’s mountain range faces Sancaksızlar, he will host those gentlemen with a good meal. Will those who have no banner, when they are brought to osman Bey, reveal their game with Yakup Bey?

The tension between your desires and your happiness is increasing The abduction of Holofira by Orhan Bey brings your happiness and your misery together. What approach will your husband have towards your happiness?

HOLOFIRA MOVEMENT After Holofira takes Orhan away, Mehmet and Orhan face each other. After this conflict, what will Holofira, who is caught in the middle, do?

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 141 With English Subtitles

Aladdin Bey’s confession of love Alauddin Beg expressed his love to Gunja Hutton. What will Gunka do against this confession? Alauddin Beg talks to Bala Hutton about the Gunka issue. How will the advice that Bala Hatun gives to Aladdin affect the love of Gonka and Aladdin?

What is the goal of Jacob Bey? On his return from Yeni Shahir, Yakup Bey decides to exchange Vasilis with the crusaders for gold. What is the effect of master orientation on Jacob Big’s decision?

What is Mr. Yakup’s purpose for this exchange? Melhoon Hatton puts his conditions against Orhan’s insistence.

If Holofira converts to Islam, he allows them to marry.

But Holofira says that he will not become a Muslim. Can Orhan Bey convince Holofira? What will your hatun do after seeing this?

Can Usman Bey save his children? Karaslason and Mehmet Bey clash in the exchange of Vasilis. Orhan and Aladdin also participate in this conflict, but Karaslason wins. Usman Bey, who received this news, considers Yaqub Bey responsible for everything.

What will Usman Bey do now? Can she save her children from Karaslason?

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