Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 With English Subtitles

After the victory of Bupheus. Years have passed since the victory of Baphius. Usman Bey’s children grew up and became masters. On the other hand, Osman Bey continues his conquests for the cause of Bursa.

In this cause, Malhun Hatun is always with Usman Bey. Which castle will be the first goal of Usman Bey to conquer Bursa? Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 With English Subtitles

Who will be the new Sultan of Anatolia? While Usman Bey was preparing for conquest, the news of Konya reached the palace like lightning. Sultan Masoud was poisoned. The arrow is out of the bow. An unofficial struggle for the election of the Sultan of the Turks began.

Your child’s pain! Your head is writhing in pain. He could not recover after Halima’s death. Will your daughter, who has a serious illness, recover?

Assassination to Yakup B! Germiyanoğlu Yakup Bey creates a large market on the border of Yeni Shahir and Germian. Yakub Bey was assassinated in this market. The killer is marked as Kayi. What will Yaqup Bey do now?

Kurulus Osman Season 5 Episode 131 With English Subtitles

Will the royal race between them and Usman Bey turn into a blood feud?

VASILIS hidden enemy! While the Anatolian begs search for a new sultan, Vasilis, an insidious enemy, will do anything to restore Rome. What is Vasilis’ very dirty plan?

What will happen between Aladdin Bey and Gunja Hatton? Usman Bey sends his son Alauddin Bey to Konya with the news of Sultan Masoud being poisoned. Yakup Bey’s daughter also entered Konya as soon as she heard this news.

What will happen between Aladdin and Gunja? What are they looking for? As soon as Germianoglu Bey Yaqup Bey received the news of the poisoning of Sultan Masoud, he wished the Sultan to leave. What will Yaqoob Bey do to become the Sultan of Turks?

What is waiting for Orhan Bey in the hunting of Pinzag Kezisler?

As Konya weakened, the irregulars who came from there settled in Uçlar. Orhan Bey invites these irregular people who call themselves Senjaksiz to go to war behind Usman Bey. The news of Orhan Bey’s going to the hunting ground of Sanjaksis also reaches the ears of Yaqup Bey’s son Mehmet.

Yunus Amre is coming to Yanishhir! While Anatoly and Merzaha are pregnant with a big fight, a person who breathes new life with his poems comes to Yeni Shahir.

Yunus Amre! What effect will Yunus Amre have on the inner world of Osman Bey and his family?

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